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Eur J Forest Eng     

European Journal of Forest Engineering (EJFE) is a semi-annual peer-reviewed research journal published by Forest Engineering and Technologies Platform in Turkey.

EJFE is an international scientific journal that aims to publish pure and applied researches in the field of forest engineering and technologies. The journal offers original research articles and subject reviews addressing the following of main topics;

·    Forest harvesting and transportation

·    Forest road planning and construction

·    Best management practices to protect soil and water resources

·    Sustainable management of multi-use natural resources

·    Small-scale forest operations

·    Engineering economy, cost estimation

·    Ergonomics, training, safety

·    Engineering solutions for natural disasters

·    Precision forestry and IT applications in forestry activities

EJFE is dedicated to provide an international forum for presenting high quality empirical and theoretical articles concerning technical, economic, and social aspects of forest operations and technologies.



    Eur J Forest Eng 1(1): 2015



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